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The Town of Craftsbury Website is intended for residents of Craftsbury, people considering relocating to Craftsbury and visitors interested in Craftsbury. All directory listings and calendar events are available on the Town of Craftsbury Website at no charge.

The purpose for the Town of Craftsbury’s Website is to provide the following information:

  • Town government
  • Craftsbury calendar of events
  • Directory of local businesses and organizations
  • Directions to Craftsbury with map

The Town of Craftsbury website is a free service run by updated/maintained solely by community volunteers. Although we do our best to offer accurate, updated information, please understand mistakes may occasionally happen. The Town of Craftsbury is not liable for any damages relating to the Town of Craftsbury Website. Please verify information posted on the site, especially for last minute changes. Please read Town of Craftsbury Website Disclaimer statement for more information.

Website Committee

Michelle Warren (2020), Hester Fuller (2021), June Cook (2020), Yvette Brown (2019), Donald Houghton (2020) 

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Town of Craftsbury Website Guidelines:

  • All events and directory listings are subject to approval before being posted on the website.
  • The Craftsbury Website Committee and Town of Craftsbury Selectboard reserve the right to refuse submissions if it is considered inappropriate or not directly related to Craftsbury.
  • Entries may be condensed if necessary.
  • The Town of Craftsbury website will not post links to personal web pages or political advertisements.

Please contact any of us on the Craftsbury Website Committee if you would like an event, business, or organization listed/updated on We welcome all comments, suggestions and corrections. Your input and support is important and we appreciate all feedback. 

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