Craftsbury Energy Committee integrating 21 century technology into our 18 century aesthetic.

Craftsbury Energy Committee's mission is to help guide the town and its citizens into a more sustainable energy future.


Energy Committee Members

Amelia Fritz, Lisa Sammet, Kevin Gregoire, Mabel Houghton, Ned Houston, Kathy Stark, Jim Flint & liaison Susan Houston


Comprehensive Energy Planning for Vermont

We have been active in the Comprehensive Energy Planning (CEP) for Vermont under the leadership of Commissioner L. Miller.  
State of Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan

Town of Craftsbury solar tracker

Town of Craftsbury Solar Tracker:

Follow how much electricity the Craftsbury Town Solar Tracker is producing online at 

You can also compare production to neighboring Craftsbury trackers by going to another website. The Craftsbury tracker is # 2057 and has 6,400 watt capacity.   Here is the website:

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