Land Protection Task Force Survey Results

The Land Protection Task Force was formed at the fall 2015 Community Visit, in response to residents wanting to maintain our valued landscape and rural village character.  The purpose of this Spring 2017 Survey is to engage new thought to help us define what the town folks mean by protection.  

The survey results were collected for a number of weeks from Town Meeting Day, March 7th, through April, 2017. We had a total of 71 respondents.

Most participants completing the survey identified more than one answer to the question asked. Therefore responses were tallied and grouped into the categories seen in the graphs. The numbers at the top of the bar graph represent the number of respondents that identified that specific category.

For example, in the Question 2 (Community Assets Important to You) graph, 61 out of 71 respondents chose Rivers and Lakes while 51 out of 71 chose Village Character. The statements under the graph, identified as “not included in category tally above” were single responses.

Please note at bottom of the survey results page there is an invitation for comments and feedback. Just click the yellow envelope and join the conversation by providing us with your thoughts or questions you may have regarding the results.




We welcome all interested community members to join us in our efforts.  All meetings of our Land Use Task Force will be held on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall.  Contact the Select Board for more information.