Land Protection Task Force

The Land Protection Task Force was formed at the Fall 2015 Community Visit, in     response to residents wanting to maintain our valued landscape and rural village character.  Since the inception the group has been struggling with what we, as a community, mean by land protection.  

We are now working on four projects simultaneously: 1) a Craftsbury Welcome       Brochure, 2) The Land Use Panel Discussion and Series, 3) a matrix related to permits required by statute for renovations and new buildings and a notification process for new land use proposals in Craftsbury, and 4) a survey to the community to engage new thought to help us define what the town folks mean by protection.  

Results of the survey can be found at:

Our land task force is striving to develop a culture that lessens our vulnerability to inappropriate development pressures while honoring private property rights.  We welcome all interested community members to join us in our efforts.  All meetings of our Land Task Force will be held on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall. Contact the Select Board for more information.